Hire Odoo Developer

When you are running a huge business you must need a proper management system that helps you to maintain the flow of your business. There are numerous online management systems available in the market but Odoo is the best among all the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. It is an open ERP system which is freely available to everyone. Moreover, you can also customize it according to your business needs. There are various modules of Odoo that can be modified and rebuilt according to your requirements. 

Now, as we said you can customize your Open ERP software, according to your business type and requirements. But, implementing or modifying Odoo is a task of a very experienced and skillful person. You can’t just download Odoo and start using. It needs a proper implementation process which can be done only by an Odoo developer. 

At Caret IT, we offer the complete end to end Odoo solutions to the clients. We own a squad of talented Odoo developers who possess ample knowledge about Odoo development. You can hire our developers for customization or creation of your own Open ERP software. We offer a fulltime dedicated Odoo developer for handling your project. Our team includes the Sr. Odoo developers, project managers, quality testers, and others to provide you the complete solution for all your ERP related queries. 

Let’s check out some points and queries where our team can help or guide you for getting the correct solution

  1. Business Requirement Analysis: You can get the complete details of duties, the workflow of the current system, and a path for optimization of while actual implementation of ERP.
  2. Odoo Implementation: Here you can get the complete service of implementing the Odoo and get the assistance of the complete project installed in your system.
  3. Odoo Customization: You can also get the complete customized version of Odoo, that modules according to your business requirements. 
  4. Third party integrations: We also offer the third party tools integration in your current existing system like Amazon, Magento, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Prestashop, etc.
  5. Odoo Version Migration: We have a great experience in migrating the Odoo version including all the modules and databases. 

Hence, you will get the complete assistance for your Odoo system at Caret IT. We are dedicatedly working for delivering the top quality business software to our clients. All this assistance we provide is of very low cost and a pocket friendly budget. We have never compromised with the quality of work we provide to our clients. We promise to serve you with the top notch business management solutions at our place. 

You are just a call away from the solutions of all your business challenges. You can contact us anytime to get the solution for all your business queries. We are 24X7 available for your service.

Visit us:- https://www.caretit.com/services/on-demand-developers/hire-odoo-developer

Odoo Scale Up!

Odoo Provide some fun with the idea of learning something new It is Scale Up The Business Game.

In this game, there are 7 different business cases that help you to discover your dream to start your own business.

You’ll start by setting up the processes of simple retail business. Then grow by deploying a manufacturing line, tracking services, launching an ecommerce and more!

If you are a teacher, get it for free.

With this game you will:

  • Learn how to create and scale a business from scratch
  • Jump between your cards and your connected device for an interactive experience
  • Configure your solution on your free Odoo Online database
  • Get 60 beautiful and easy-to-understand cards
  • Play with 7 different business cases

Steps to play Scale Up The Business Game!

The game has 7 business cases of 8 to 10 cards each. Start with the game “Buy and Sell”, then continue playing according to your own strategy.

For each card, follow these 3 steps:1. Read the business case on the front. 

Don’t look at the back yet!

1. Read the business case on the front. 

 2. Play online and create your solution. 

3. Compare what you did with our solution on the back of the card.

Odoo IoT

Internet of Things

The experiments and innovations are always welcomed by Odoo. It is upgrading day by day with the integration of new technologies and possibilities giving all the satisfaction to the Odoo users. But this time Odoo has stunned its users by integrating the IOT technology with it.
There is an IOT box developed or designed by Odoo to connect with the other gadgets and reach a wider audience with the ERP software. The integration of this box with the software will definitely increase its capability of connecting with the customers.

What is IoT?

The IoT (Internet of Things) is all about connecting our daily used objects or gadgets with the internet. It is a technology that allows different devices to communicate or interact with each other over the internet. Basically, IoT is invented to make our lives easier than ever before.

It has numerous advantages and can help us in so many ways like lessening human labor, automating repetitive tasks, etc. Talking about the businesses and its ERP systems, they get so much advantage of IoT with right data connected to the right process.

Odoo IoT Box

The Odoo IoT box helps the IoT devices to connect with Odoo. It simplifies the issues occurring during the integration of ERP software and IoT devices. It acts as a mediator between the two via Ethernet cable or Wifi. Once the detection of Odoo is done, the configuration can be changed through your own browser.

A number of devices can be connected through this method. The IoT box also supports multiple device connection and can connect with different devices at the same time. There are also drivers provided by Odoo to make your device compatible with the software. Hence, all types of machines and tools can also be connected to the ERP with the help of Odoo IoT.

Once the Odoo IoT gets connected with your system, starts working hand in hand with other modules. This integration of Odoo IoT with your system offers multiple advantages to your business like

  •  It reduces manual labor at repetitive work areas so that you can use them somewhere else. 
  •  Increases the speed of manufacturing, as the speed of machines is twice then human hand. 
  •  Brings perfection in products with similar output every time. 

Apart from this, Odoo IoT serves a lot of features to the users and gives the surety of enhancing the business to the next level.

Odoo IoT with Caret IT

If you want to integrate Odoo IoT with your current system and explore the new venture by Odoo, Caret IT will help you in executing that. We will create and customize the Odoo IoT module for you to meet your business requirements. We will help you to connect each and every device of your use with IoT and make your life easier.
You can integrate IoT to every device or object you use for doing business like sensors in the warehouse to keep a record of stock, generate notifications on objects for a reminder of renewal, and much more. The integration with Odoo IoT will definitely bring a positive change in your business.
Caret IT is one of the official Odoo Partners and will help you to integrate and customize Odoo IoT with your system.  Get in Touch with us to upgrade your business with the new inventions always. We are just a call away.

Odoo Apps and Module Development

As we all know, Odoo is an open source ERP software or a resource planning framework that helps you to get end-to-end custom business solutions. It has more than 3000 inbuilt modules that can be used to maintain the business policies. These modules carry out various business activities like Sales management, inventory management, warehouse management, accounting management, HR management and much more. 

These modules work as a tool to take the business at an optimum level. There are so many different types of Odoo apps available that cater to different ERP requirements of different businesses. There are many Odoo ERP apps that are developed by OCA and are available for free and also, there are certain apps that are created by official Odoo partners and can be purchased from Odoo store.

They offer apps and modules for different departments of business like sales department, production department, operations department, e-commerce department, and much more. You can wisely select the modules you require and create customized software for your business. 

Odoo application development is much more cost-effective than other frameworks. Also, all its modules are user-friendly and can be customized up to a large extent. This is all that makes Odoo more popular among all the businessmen. There is one more quality of Odoo that makes it favorable among users that it is a web-based software and available both online and offline so the user can get the updates anywhere anytime.

Being the Official Odoo Partner, Caret IT also provides a range of exclusive Odoo applications for their customers. You can get customized. Odoo Open ERP software for your business from us. We create personalized Odoo ERP system that contains all the necessary modules for your business and work according to your requirements. 

We untangle your experience of using Odoo Apps by customizing it according to your business management system. You just need to give a detail description of your requirements and business modules you follow. Taking information from that, we will create a perfect Odoo software for your business management. 

We own a team of talented Odoo developers that works dedicatedly to provide the best in class results to their clients. We have successfully delivered the customized Odoo applications to our clients with no complaints at all. We also provide lifetime Maintenance and Support services to our clients. Our team is always there to help you out in solving any type of system related queries.

Benefits of Integrating ERP with IoT Technology

Technology is getting contemporary day by day. It is always trying to give something innovative and new to its users. It has discovered a lot during the recent years. Internet of Things (IoT) is the new innovation in this journey. IoT has risen to fame in the past few years by integrating with a lot of applications and making everyone’s lives easier. IoT has marked its presence in the world of technology by getting involved in each and every sector of it. It connects the sensors of machines with the software and creates the magic. Now it has joined the ERP sector and is generating a good buzz around it. The collaboration of ERP and IoT has brought gigantic benefits for the users.

It is proffering the ERP with new opportunities to help its users in enhancing their business with the use of it. Let’s see how this new IoT Technology has brought a change to the ERP system:


Improved Data Availability

ERP is the source of data for most companies these days. IoT in connection with ERP has helped them a lot in accumulating more and more accurate data for the company. It helps the data gatherer to keep in touch with all the sectors of the company remotely.

 Better Communication

With IoT enabled ERP system, the products can directly communicate with both the owners and suppliers. Hence, they can get real time updates of products and can register issues while processing. This automatically results in diminishing of errors and wastage in the overall supply chain.

Growth in Business Intelligence

IoT has helped the businesses to grow in an intelligent manner. Through the use of IoT sensors and devices, products can immediately connect with ERP systems without the interference of manual labor. New increased and accurate source of data helps the owner to take the right decisions and grow in the right direction.

Quick and Informed Decisions

By offering ample data and a smooth workflow, IoT empowers the business managers to manage their business in the best possible way. It has given a boost to their confidence in taking decisions instantly and executes them correctly for a bright future.


Reduced downtime

Internet of Things has taken the business operations to an advanced level. It ensures the accurate production, proper inventory count, and optimum working of systems within the given time limit. Hence, resulting in reduced downtime and satisfied customers.

So, these were some of the benefits caused to the companies by integrating their ERP with IoT Technology. Odoo is also not behind in accepting this new Technology. It has jumped into the technology and has transformed itself into an excellent arrangement of ERP systems.

The Odoo IoT Box integration with your normal Odoo ERP system helps you to associate with other gadgets and expand the span of your ERP framework to a greater audience. Overall, Odoo IoT is all ready to take charge of getting small businesses on board with the new technology in hand.

Top 5 ERP Trends

Technology is escalating its significance in the market every single day. There are new facilities emerging every day to amaze the users and provide them comfort in work and regular life. Even ERP is not behind in surprising its users with new innovations all the time. It is becoming more responsive and flexible day by day. The new features prepending in the list of ERP are offering great support to the organizations in increasing their productivity.

ERP offers all the possible features like collaboration, integration, and much more to its users. Let’s check out which of these features are going to be listed as the trends of ERP in the year 2019.

1.   More personalized UI

  • Different organizations have different requirements. They not always need all the modules of an ERP to handle the business and even sometimes the given modules are not enough to manage the functionalities.
  • Matching to these requirements of the users, the ERPs are becoming more flexible towards its users, giving support to the personalization and improving the user experiences to a great extent.

2. Augmenting human capabilities

  • The unique intelligence capabilities of ERP are taking it to the peak. This advanced ERP software solution activates the automation of the software assists an organization in creating a huge success for its business.
  • The business intelligence and analytical features of the software are now considered as an integral part of a business management system. Thus, the new ERP becomes a reliable tool for any organization to help them in their business, make sense of using ERP there and augment human capabilities.

3. The internet of things

  • This is one of the biggest innovations in the ERP Industry. Believe it or not, it is going to be the best revolution in the world of business so far. IoT integration in ERP will give better oversight at different things to help the organizations taking better decisions.
  • The IoT devices will help the software to keep track of each movement digitally without any distraction or misguidance.

Odoo API development and Integration

Odoo is an Open ERP system that contains so many modules for different functionalities. There are over 3000 modules that can be used to perform various management operations. But, there are times when we need more functionality, for that we need to integrate some external APIs to increase the functionalities of our Odoo system.

These APIs enhance the performance of the currently used modules in the software. And the best part about these APIs is that they get integrated easily in the software without disturbing other existing modules. That means you can add as much as external functionalities to your software along with taking advantage of the existing functions.

There are so many third party APIs and web services available in the market for integration to the current Odoo Open ERP software. Let’s check out the different APIs that can be integrated into your system to make it better in different ways.

1.            Payment Integration

You can now accept the online payments from the customers by integrating these payment gateways to your custom Open ERP software. These will definitely simplify the experience of using e-currency of your clients while shopping. There are various payment gateway services available for integration like CIMB, Ipay88, My Bank, Paypal, Paytrek, Redsys, and We Pay.

2.            Social Media Integration

You can also improvise your business intelligence by connecting with social media through your business platform. You can connect to different social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and much more. With this integration, you can gain insights from social media including the contact data of the customer.

3.            SMS gateway Integration

SMS is the best way to connect with customers. You can send some important messages to your clients by integrating these SMS gateways like Way2Sms, Msg91, Mobily SMS, Bulk SMS, etc. to your system.

Being an Odoo Development company, Caret IT also offers the 3rd party API integration services to their clients. We modify your user experience in a better way by integrating the external APIs to your existing Odoo Software. With these third party integrations we make sure that you get everything united under a single software roof at one place.

We have a team of talented Odoo developers who work for the improvement of your user experience. They possess extremely high coding standards and believe in quality work. Moreover, they have expertise in all the versions of Odoo which can be considered as a plus point for the clients. Their only aim is to provide a flexible system to the clients and manage their customized flow smoothly.

You can contact us anytime for any Odoo related queries. We are always available for your support.